2018 Kids Edition

This year for the first time Animated Spirits presents its Kids Edition together with the Hungarian House in New York.

AS FUNZONE brings some of the cutest characters from Europe and offers a variety of programs tailored especially for kids.

Date | Saturday, November 10, 2018. 3.30pm
Venue | Hungarian House in New York
213 East 82 Street, New York, NY, 10028

3.30pm – European animated short films for kids
4:30pm – Animated funzone
The program will be presented by the festival’s curator Anna Ida Orosz and Tamás Patrovits animation filmmaker.
Participants should be 7 years old or older. Register at nymagyarkonyvtar@gmail.com

Animated Spirits FUNZONE brings the bestest animated short films for children and offers a workshop where the youngest ones can learn useful and exciting tips and tricks of animated filmmaking. At the workshops kids can learn the traditional craft techniques often embedded in the latest trends of computer animation. Kids will learn how to make optical games, pixellated films, paper cutout and object animation.

The workshop will be presented by filmmaker, Tamás Patrovits, creative director of Hungarian BABtér (Budaörs Animation and Creative Space). Tamás Patrovits was born in 1968 in Budapest. He graduated as an animation film director from the University of Applied Arts in 1994. Since graduation he is working as a teacher of animated filmmaking. Currently he is the Head of the Animation Department at the Illyés Art Academy in Budaörs, Hungary. He is the Creative Director of Primanima, international animation film festival in Hungary, which he founded in 2012 with Anna Ida Orosz. He regularly leads workshops in Hungary and abroad. In 2016 he won the Sárga Csikó Award for the work he did for Transylvanian filmmakers.


Hug Me / That Special Day

dir. Mateusz Jarmulski (PL) 2016 '6

Teddy is excited about his birthday from the early morning. He’s been waiting the whole year for it! But Daddy has some other activities in store for today. He takes his son to the apiary to teach him how the bears get their honey. Teddy feels upset that Daddy seems to have forgotten about his birthday. Daddy’s methods are rather unorthodox and he gets stung by the bees. At the end of the day, when the sun sets, he gives Teddy a jar of honey and ensures him that he hasn’t forgotten about his birthday. Teddy is overjoyed and spontaneously hugs his dad, who really seems to be in pain because of his injuries.

Mateusz Jarmulski is a director and scriptwriter of animated films, as well as an animator. He graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź where he studied animation. He worked at the Se-ma-for studio, where he was in charge of the VFX for Peter and the Wolf (Oscar 2008). He collaborated on the production of The Lost Town of Świteź by Kamil Polak. He formed part of the team that created multimedia projections for POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. His films were broadcasted on TV and screened and awarded at festivals in Stuttgart, Seoul, Belgrade, Hiroshima, and others. Currently he teaches animation at the English-speaking Faculty of New Media Arts, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Miriam and Her Hen’s Dream

dir. Andres Tenusaar (ES) 2016 '5

It’s a rainy day, Little Brother and Father are building a toy-plane, Miriam is viewing an album about southern countries and Hen is dreaming about flying south too – she sees a flock of birds heading southwards. When the rain is over, Mother takes everybody to the park to rake the fallen leaves. The Hen is still trying to join the flocks but all her attempts to fly end on the pile of leaves. Afterwards at home, Little Brother and Father make paper planes and fly them around and the Hen also gets a nice flight on a paper plane.

Andres Tenusaar (1977, Tallinn, Estonia) studied art and photography. Since 2000 he has been working as an animator and director at Nukufilm OÜ. He has also made films, composed original score, made videos for theatre/dance pieces and made VJ animations. With Nukufilm he made films Miriam’s Hen’s Dream (2016), Miriam’s Stray Dog (2015), Miriam’s Food Processor(2012), The Triangle Affair Kolmnurga afäär (2012), The Scarecrow Miriam’s Picnic (2007).

Blueberry Hunt

dir. Katerina Karhankova, Alexandra Hetmerova (CZ) 2017 '7

Two hungry bears with a craving for blueberry dumplings set out for the forest to look for berries. But on the way, they come down with a case of the hiccups, which complicates their blueberry picking, and even the most sophisticated methods don’t seem to help. Just when the situation looks hopeless, something unexpected turns out to do the trick.

Alexandra Hetmerová was born in Kromeríž in Czech Republic. She studied in the Graphic Art School in Jihlava from 2001 to 2005. She has studied animation at FAMU in Prague since 2005. In 2009, she had an internship in the animation department at the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallinn in Estonia.

Kateřina Karhánková graduated from the Animation Department at FAMU, Prague. She focuses on films for children, often visiting schools to interview kids. Her graduation film “The New Species” competed at Annecy 2014, was presented at MoMA in NYC and was selected at several international festivals where it won awards from both juries and audiences. Her following film, “Tony and Mr. Illness”, won several awards including the 2015 Gold Panda.

The House

dir. Veronika Zacharová (CZ) 2017 '5

A little house embarks on a journey when his family moves to the city. You probably never thought about it, but when you move house maybe your house misses you.

Veronika Zacharová is a graphic designer, animator and director. She studied graphic design at the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts. The House is her latest short.

Coyote and the Rock

dir. Áron Gauder (HU) 2016 '8

A story about generosity. The worldwide awarded film takes us into the spectacular and magical universe of Native American folklore following the adventures of the two famous mischief-makers of the Great Plains getting into trouble as they bid defiance to Iya, the sleeping magic rock.

Aron Gauder has won numerous awards, one of them is the Cristal Award of Annecy International Film Festival, with his feature length animated film, The District!. His latest film, Coyote and the Rock, has already won 5 awards worldwide, and has been officially selected to more than 30 festivals.


dir. Filip Diviak (CZ) 2017 '10

Before cell phones and alarm-clocks, the Awaker would walk through the countryside to the village to wake up its residents. Every day is exactly the same, until he gets a shiny new bell.

Filip Diviak is an animator and director. He studied 3D animation at the Academy of Animation in Bratislava. Awaker (17) is his latest short.

The Fruits of Clouds

dir. Katerina Karhankova (CZ) 2017 '11

The Fruits of Clouds is a story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown. On the glades surrounded by dark woods, Furry together with a group of friends, live in the burrows. They feed themselves only by seeds which became glowing fruit after touching the ground. However, these appear only rarely. The animals’ fear of the wood does not allow them to leave the glade and head off to look for the food somewhere else. Instead, they resignedly wait until it falls from the sky. Furry does not want only to wait. The wood awakens curiosity in him. He wants to know, what is hiding in there…

Kateřina Karhánková graduated from the Animation Department at FAMU, Prague. She focuses on films for children, often visiting schools to interview kids. Her graduation film: The New Species competed at Annecy 2014, was presented at the MoMA in NYC and was selected at several international festivals where it won awards from both juries and audiences. Her following film, Tony and Mr. Illness won several awards including the 2015 Gold Panda.