2018 Tokyo Edition

Italian Cultural Institute

2-1-30 Kudan Minami Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

OCTOBER 26, 2018 | 18 – 20:30 (doors: 17:30)


This year for the first time Animated Spirits – New Animation from Europe, the annual festival presenting the latest contemporary animated short films from Europe, steps out from New York City and presents a great opportunity for the Tokyo audience to see a top-shelf collection of new European animation. After the screening sets SAYOKO KINOSHITA, Festival Director of International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA, YUICHI ITO, professor of Graduate School of Film and New Media Tokyo University of the Arts and ILAN NGUYÊN, Associate Research Professor at the Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation will share their thoughts in a panel discussion about European Animation seen from Japan. Filmmaker RÉKA BUCSI, whose film LOVE will be screened in the program will be present and available for a Q&A after the panel.

The festival was founded in 2015 and is organized since by Zita Mara Vadasz, former director of the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York and is curated by Anna Ida Orosz, lecturer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary; both well-known figures in the European animation community.

Every year the program includes both professional and student films, panel discussions with people from the industry and a networking event. Since its launch in 2015 in New York City the festival showcased 86 films from 21 countries, was attended by a 1500+ registered audience and had 50+ partners like the School of Visual Arts; the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest; EUNIC NY – European Union National Institutes for Culture; Eyeworks Festival Chicago; Asifa USA; Animation Block Party; Animation Nights New York, MANIFESZT – Association of Hungarian Animation Filmmakers and many more.


会場:イタリア文化会館 東京都千代田区九段南2-1-30

開演時間:18:00(開場17:30 終了20:30)


TEL (03) 5730 7120(代表)(月~木14:00~17:00)


また、ファスティバルは、スクール・オブ・ビジュアル・アーツ、モホイ=ナジ美術デザイン大学など、欧州連合文化機関ニューヨーク(EUNIC NY)、アイワークス・フェスティバル・シカゴ、国際アニメーションフィルム協会アメリカ支部(Asifa USA)、アニメーション・ブロック・パーティ、アニメーション・ナイツ・ニューヨーク、ハンガリーアニメーション映画製作者協会(MANIFESZT)など50以上のパートナーと協力してきた。メディアパートナーは「カートゥーン・ブリュー・マガジン」であり、フェスティバルは「アニメーション・マガジン」や「アニメーションワードネットワーク」でも紹介された。

Screening Set 1

An Island

Rory Byrne

IRELAND (2017) 13’

An Island is an immersive short film portraying the physical and emotional journey undertaken by a lone explorer as he attempts to reach the summit of a remote island. As events unfold around him, our protagonist is confronted with the joy and agony of life, love and loss, and the wonder of the natural world.

Director’s bio
Rory Byrne (Dublin, 1982) studied animation at the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Since 2010 he has worked in collaboration with And Maps And Plans animation studio, contributing to several animated shorts. An Island is the first film he has directed with the studio.


『アイランド』ロリー・バーン (アイルランド)



Ivana Šebestová

SLOVAKIA (2017) 7’

Yellow is a short animated film telling metaphoric story of young opera singer Viola. Scared of everything yellow, sunny and spontaneous she hides herself in sad violet shadows. She struggles between self-control and spontaneity, sorrow and joy, violet and yellow. Violet represents her effort and self-control. She is an opera singer and she loves music but in sake of her career she sacrifices her desires, her joy and vital energy – literally she loses her breath. Will she find her way to happiness?

Director’s bio:
Ivana Šebestová graduated as an animated film director at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her master’s film “Lionardo Mio” (2005) won the Bologna European Festival of Film Schools. She gained numerous national and international awards for her short films “Four” (Štyri, 2007) and “Snow” (Sneh, 2013). She also works as an illustrator of books for children. Currently she is working on the TV special “Mimi & Lisa Christmas Lights Mystery”.



「アニメーション監督」という学位でスロバキアのブラチスラヴァ舞台芸術アカデミーを卒業。修士課程での卒業制作『わたしのレオナルド』(2005年製作)は、第8回ボローニャ・ヨーロッパ学生映画祭にて最優秀賞を飾り、そのほかの短編アニメーション作品『4人の女』(Šyri, 2007年製作)および『愛と雪の結晶』(Sneh, 2013年製作)も国内外で数々の賞に輝いた。シェベストヴァは絵本作家としても活動しており、現在は国営スロバキアテレビのアニメシリーズ特番『ろう者のミミとおてんばリサ―クリスマス・イルミネーションのふしぎ―』の制作に携わっている。


Jonatan Schwenk

GERMANY (2017) 10’

The dystopic drama “Sog” is about the cruel efforts of a people of humanlike creatures to lash out viciously against a shoal of fish that had unintentionally entered their desolated land. After a flood, some fish got stuck in old trees. In danger of drying-out they scream sharply. Woken up by the noise, the inhabitants of a nearby cave don’t feel happy about the unintended gathering.

Director’s bio:
Jonatan Schwenk, born in Göttingen, Germany in 1987 is an independent filmmaker and animator. He is studying Visual Communication at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach. Since 2014 he is a guest student at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in the animation class.


『SOG』ヨナタン・シュヴェンク (ドイツ)


Electrician’s Day

Vladimir Leschiov

LATVIA (2017) 9’

As result of an accident during the repair work next to psychiatric hospital the electrician loses his consciousness and finds himself behind the wall.

Director’s bio:
Born in 1970, in Daugavpils, Latvia. Finished J.Rozenthal Art School in Riga in 1989. Studied animation at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden. In 2007 founded animation studio Lunohod in Riga, Latvia. Artworks from the animated films were exhibited in Latvia, Portugal, Italy and Japan. Was conducting workshops, masterclasses and retrospectives in Portugal, Poland, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia and USA. Animated short films were awarded at film festivals in France, Sweden, Japan, USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and other countries.


『エレクトリシャンズ・デイ』ウラジミール・レシチョフ (ラトビア)



Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli

ITALY (2016) 6’

In a blue fairy-tale forest, a grumpy granny loses a bottle of wine. This event will give rise to a crescendo of linked events, a dialogue, a funny repartee between frames and characters, which will lead to an unexpected turn.

Director’s bio:

MARTA GENNARI was born in 1992. She graduated from the National Film School of Turin, Italy (CSC) in 2016 with the student film ‘Merlot’. She currently studies animation at the school of La Poudrière, France.

GIULIA MARTINELLI is a Turin/Toronto-based animator and story-boarder from Italy. She was born in 1990. She graduated from the National Film School of Turin, Italy (CSC) in 2016 with the student film ‘Merlot’.


『メルロー』マルタ・ジェンナーリ、ジュリア・マルティネッリ (イタリア)

1992年生まれ。2016年、イタリアのトリノにあるイタリア国立映画学校 (CSC) を卒業。本作『メルロー』は卒業制作として作られた。現在、フランスのアニメーション・スクール「ラ・プードリエール」で研鑽を積む。

1990年生まれ。トリノやトロントを拠点に活動するイタリア出身のアニメーター兼、絵コンテライター。2016年、イタリアのトリノ市にあるイタリア国立映画学校 (CSC) を卒業。本作『メルロー』は卒業制作として作製された。

Screening Set 2


Réka Bucsi

HUNGARY, FRANCE (2016) 14’

LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light. This pulsing planet makes the inhabitants become one with each other in various ways.

Director’s statement
LOVE is a short film based on atmosphere and sensation. I was interested in coming up with a distant planet’s structure and system without making the viewer question
it’s existence. I chose animals and creatures, which were the most interesting for me at that time, and which were appearing the most in my sketchbook.
I find it very interesting how by just placing anything on a screen, it becomes a symbol for something else. It’s a challenge to try and take something for what it actually is.
First this film was inspired by drawings I made on post-its. Than I read very poetic descriptions, but also listened to quite scientific talks about love. It is interesting how different people think about this feeling. Religion, science and cultural differences define the purpose and the heritage of love in so many different ways, even though it is based on such a common experience. Love seems to be a mystical phenomenon, that can be described by everyone in almost the same way, without using any words, still almost everyone seems to seek the meaning and the mechanism of it.
I approached the atmosphere by using different sensations and impressions of material, movement, colour but no words. The english word LOVE is not even a word anymore. It is used so often on so many platforms, that the letters turned into lines and forms and became an image, something that can be read even without knowing the letters.
The symmetric compositions and surreal situations use kitsch to keep this world abstract. I tried not to get involved too much with my characters through the production. Showing something that creates a general atmosphere describing different states of affection was the main goal, and not to influence with my personal experiences.
I wanted to capture the feeling of love without focusing on only individuals. I was also inspired by how a sun-cycle works, what states it has to go through, and what effect it has on other planets. I made myself this orbit as a base, where I set up rules that made me feel comfortable about telling a short story while not getting too narrative. I wanted the film to become something that the viewer would like to touch and be part of.

Director’s bio:
Réka Bucsi, born in 1988, is a hungarian independent animation filmmaker. She received her BFA and MFA at the animation department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Her graduation film Symphony no. 42, got Shortlisted for the 87th Academy Awards. Her films were screened at official shorts competition Berlinale, SXSW, Sundance, Annecy, and won over 50 international awards. 2013/2014 she attended Animation Sans Frontiéres (ASF), the European Animation Production Workshop. She was an artists in residence at the Open Workshop in Viborg – Denmark, and at Q21 in Vienna – Austria. Her french co-produced short film LOVE was nominated for the European Film Awards 2017, and shortlisted for the César Award 2018. Réka is represented as a director by Passion Pictures.

blog: rekabucsi.tumblr.com/
vimeo: www.vimeo.com/rekabucsi


『LOVE』レーカ・ブチ (ハンガリー、フランス)

1988年生まれ。ハンガリー出身のフリーアニメーション作家。首都ブダペストにあるモホイ=ナジ美術デザイン大学(MOME)アニメーション学科にて学士課程と修士課程を修了。卒業制作『交響曲 第42番』は第87回アカデミー賞の候補候補作リストに載る。これまでの作品は、ベルリン国際映画祭、サウス・バイ・サウスウエスト、サンダンス映画祭、アヌシー国際アニメーション映画祭の公式コンペティション部門入賞作のひとつとして上映され、50を超える国際映画祭での受賞を飾った。2013年~2014年には、国境なきアニメーション団体(ASF)、全ヨーロッパ・アニメーション製作プロダクション・ワークショップ講座に参加。デンマークのヴィボー市オープン・ワークショップとウィーンの画廊Q21でのレジデンスプログラムにも招聘された。フランスの映像プロダクションとの合作でもある本作『LOVE』は2017年のヨーロッパ映画賞、そして2018年にはセザール賞にノミネートされる。現在、多国籍合同映像制作プロダクション「パッション・ピクチャーズ」に籍を置いている。

Oh, Mother

Paulina Ziółkowska

POLAND (2017) 12’

Mother and son are changing places and roles constantly: once, the mother is an adult, sometimes son matures and takes care of suddenly childish mother. The arrangement works fine, until the boy decides to escape from under the skirt of the overprotective mother and start an independent life.

Director’s bio:
Paulina Ziółkowska was born in 1988 in Wroclaw. In 2008 she began studies at the Department of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She is currently studying animation at the National Film School in Lodz.




Late Season

Daniela Leitner

AUSTRIA (2017) 7’

Late season – that´s the calm that follows from summer´s blazing energy. Late season means shadows grow, and awareness creeps in that every holiday comes to an end at some time. Daniela Leitner´s animated film Late Season renders this basic feeling of melancholy in a couple that has grown old. One sees them in a camera pan, in framed portraits, the woman with flowing, red hair, the man sporting a jaunty French moustache. They dance on the beach, he carries her in his hands—their love is reflected in color, light, and movement.
A hard cut shows the two in life´s “late season”: they sit at the breakfast table across from one another, distant and pale, their faces sharply outlined. Whereas Leitner paints the snapshots of youthful happiness with flowing brush strokes, the bodies of their animated characters are cut from wood pulp board and glued in a layer composition.
The cinematic tale is, namely, also a tale of the material: sharp-edged follows from softness, gray monotony from colorfulness. But the elderly couple experience something unexpected – while on an excursion to the sea, a wonder of nature has them dancing again.
In its precise style, Late Season is, in addition to this “personal” revival, also a story about the revival of craftsmanship with the help of modern technology. The figures are made by hand, but then digitally photographed and set in motion on the computer. With the lightness of a dancer, the “new” technology of computer animation extends a hand to the “old” technology of cut-out animation. (Maya McKechneay)

Director’s bio:
Daniela Leitner (Wr. Neustadt on April 3, 1988) studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2014 she has collab­orated with the animation studio Salon Alpin, contributing to several animated and interdisciplinary handcrafted projects. At the same time, together with a passionate team of fellow artists, she has produced her own short film Late Season. Both experiences led to her current work as award winning designer with special focus on non-conventional materials as well as unique visual approaches in the digital and analog medium.


『レート・シーズン』ダニエラ・ライトナー (オーストリア)


The Fruits of Clouds

Kateřina Karhánková


The Fruits of Clouds is a story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown. On the glades surrounded by dark woods, Furry together with a group of friends, live in the burrows. They feed themselves only by seeds which became glowing fruit after touching the ground. However, these appear only rarely. The animals’ fear of the wood does not allow them to leave the glade and head off to look for the food somewhere else. Instead, they resignedly wait until it falls from the sky. Furry does not want only to wait. The wood awakens curiosity in him. He wants to know, what is hiding in there…

Director’s bio:
Kateřina Karhánková graduated from the Animation Department at FAMU, Prague. She focuses on films for children, often visiting schools to interview kids. Her graduation film: The New Species competed at Annecy 2014, was presented at the MoMA in NYC and was selected at several international festivals where it won awards from both juries and audiences. Her following film, Tony and Mr. Illness won several awards including the 2015 Gold Panda.


『ザ・フルーツ・オブ・クラウッズ』カテジナ・カルハーンコヴァー (チェコ)




木下 小夜子

Animation Director / Producer
Festival Director of International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA
Sayoko Kinoshita has been making independent documentary animation shorts together with her partner Renzo Kinoshita, such as “Made in Japan”(’72), “Japonese”(’77), “Pica Don” (’78), “The Last Air Raid- Kumagaya”(’93), “A Little Journey”(’94), “Ryukyu Okoku – Made in Okinawa” (’04) , receiving Grand Prix and many prizes at various international festivals. As for TV programs, she worked on very popular programs such as “Geba Geba 90 Pun”(’69 – ’70), “Curricula Machine”(’74 – ’76), etc., that went down in the history of TV.
Also, since late 1960s, she has been working energetically for the development of animation art, including education, research and promotion, etc. In 1985, together with Renzo, she founded the first international biennial competitive animation festival in Asia, in Hiroshima, endorsed by ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation), and has been the Festival Director since then. Now, just finished its 17th edition HIROSHIMA 2018 this August with much success, and the next 18th edition HIROSHIMA 2020 will be held in August 2020.
Sayoko served the President of ASIFA from 2006 to 2009. She is now Vice-President of ASIFA, President of ASIFA-Japan, Advisor to Japan Society of Animation Studies, Visiting Professor at Osaka University of Arts, Board of Joshibi University of Art and Design, President of Int’l Animation Library, President of Studio Lotus.

広島国際アニメーションフェスティバル ディレクター
TV番組では、『巨泉・前武のゲバゲバ90分』(’69 –’70)、『カリキュラマシーン』(’74 –’76)等、TV史に残る仕事に携わる。
一方、木下蓮三と共にインディペンデントに制作した代表作『MADE IN JAPAN』(’72)、『日本人/ジャポネーゼ』(’77)、『ピカドン』(’78)、『最後の空襲くまがや』(’93)、『ひろしくんは空がすき』(’94)、『琉球王国-MADE IN OKINAWA』(’04)等の短編ドキュメンタリー・アニメーションは、歴史や現代社会を偏りのない視点で見つめ、鋭敏な感覚と芸術性は国際的に高く評価されている。『MADE IN JAPAN』のニューヨーク国際映画祭グランプリをはじめ、すべての作品共、各国の国際映画祭にて多数受賞し、常に招待上映され続けている。
1985年、広島国際アニメーションフェスティバルを企画・実現、以後、2年に一度の開催を続け、総指揮を歴任、アニメーション界の振興に尽力している。2018年8月、第17回大会 HIROSHIMA 2018を成功裡に終了し、次回 2020年8月の第18回大会に向けて準備を進めている。



(Animation Director / president of Animation studio I.TOON Ltd)

Yuichi Ito is one of the top animation directors in Japan who creates TV shows, TV commercials with mainly using clays, but also uses any other materials and animation techniques. He became a professor of Graduate School of Film and New Media Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Japan Animation Association.

In 1998, he established and became the president of I.TOON Ltd. In 1997, he won an award of excellence at the 1st Media Arts Festival held by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, in addition to Yokohama Cultural Awards “ Art and Culture Award ” in 2007.

Starting with his representative work “ Knyacki! ” (NHK ENTERPRISES INC.), NHK “ Minna no uta ”「Grasshopper Tale」(2005~2006) , “ NORABBIT’S MINUTES」” for SHOCHIKU, “ Mister Donut 「Pon de lion」” TVCM (2004), “ traveling ” Hikaru Utada Music video ( 2001), “Your my friend ” Ken Hirai Music video (2004), “ HARBOR TALE ” Original short animation (2012), “ Blue Eyes -in HARBOR TALE- ” Original short animation (2014), and “ Garden Bear ” (Garden Necklace YOKOHAMA 2017 Official Character ) etc.

(I.TOON Ltd.代表 アニメーションディレクター)

1962年 東京生。東京藝術大学美術学部デザイン科卒業。ビジュアルエフェクツ、コンピューター映像制作を経て1998年I.TOON Ltd.を設立。同取締役代表。


代表作は、放送24年目を迎えるNHK Eテレ「ニャッキ!」ほか、NHKみんなのうた「グラスホッパー物語」、松竹110周年記念「ノラビッツ・ミニッツ」、「ミスタードーナツ『ポン・デ・ライオン』TVCM、宇多田ヒカル「traveling」MVアニメーションパート、平井堅「キミはともだち」MV、横浜をモデルにした短編「ハーバーテイル」(チェコZLIN FILM FESTIVAL最優秀アニメーション賞・観客賞受賞)、「ガーデンベア(『全国都市緑化よこはまフェア2017』公式キャラクター)」など。 東京藝術大学大学院映像研究科 教授。日本アニメーション協会理事。



Japanese-French translator/interpreter, animation scholar, born in France in 1975. From 1995, started translating and writing on animation in both French and Japanese. Since 1999, worked as a coordinator for film festivals and exhibitions (Annecy, Zagreb, Bruxelles, Madrid, Meknès, Tôkyô…). In 1999, 2001 and 2003, worked as program coordinator for the festival “New images from Japan”, at the Parisian film center ‘Forum des Images’. Proposing retrospectives on authors, studios and themes, through invitations to filmmakers and animators, screenings and workshops, the festival proposed a first comprehensive approach on Japanese animated film in the West. Program director for the “Franco-Japanese Animation Forum” held in 2004 and 2005 at the Institut Français in Tokyo, and as coordinator of the “Paul Grimault exhibit” hosted by the same institution in 2006. Currently working as Associate Research Professor at the Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation.